As the owner of a building firm that builds nearly one hundred homes annually and has built homes costing over $600,000, you would ask why I don't build my own home? Because of the severe time demands of doing a top quality, full custom remodel such as my own, I can't take the time nor do I have the extensive knowledge of high end custom work that someone who does this full time possesses. My choice of Dan Boyd, who worked for our firm for 4 years before going out on his own, has been an excellent one. He has proven to be not only an excellent contractor, keeping the job on a tight schedule but has also done an excellent job as a craftsman on the fine woodwork we are installing. I would recommend him to anyone whether for a new custom home or a top quality remodel; he is definitely in a class by himself.

Alan R. Pinn, President

After having gone through a horrendous experience with a bad contractor, it was quite fulfilling to have had a contractor (DJB construction co.) take over and get the job done right and on time and within budget. Minor corrections which were spotted or mishaps which happened months later were both corrected in timely fashions, whether by DJB Construction co. or by one of its sub-contractors. It gives one real piece of mind knowing that one's contractor will stand behind their work. After months of delay all due to the previous bad contractor, we can finally enjoy our fresh remodel. Thanks for a job well done.

Rayman Pon

I write this letter to offer my very high recommendation of D.J.B. Construction. My wife and I completed a significant remodel of approximately half of our Saratoga home during the period June through October, 2002, utilizing D.J.B. as our contractor. Dan Boyd was instrumental in the planning of the project which was supervised on a daily basis by Kevin Oatman. In addition to Dan and Kevin's own professionalism and good cheer, we were also very impressed with each and every subcontractor Dan brought onto the project. We have two small children, and every worker involved in the project was respectful, courteous, and very considerate of minimizing disruption to our family life. At the end of the project, I was delighted to look back and confirm that Dan had made good on all representations at the inception of the project, including timing, and most importantly, the ultimate cost of the project. There is absolutely no question that my wife and I will utilize D.J.B. Construction for any and all future remodeling projects we undertake. Their professionalism, integrity and good nature were the antithesis of every horror story I have ever heard about contractors.

Binder & Malter, LLP
Michael W Malter, Esq.

We are very pleased to recommend Dan Boyd and DJB Construction. Dan was the General Contractor for our master suite/office/laundry project which included an extensive remodel and a 350 sq. ft. addition. We are very satisfied with the final product and his overall process from start to completion. Having completed several construction projects over the past 10 years, we had some experience in selecting contractors, and looked particularly for flexibility, design sense, high quality workmanship, and the very important elements of cost and schedule management. We considered several bids, but felt most comfortable with Dan's cost estimation, bidding approach, business style and his apparent willingness to work with us on our terms.

Dan truly met our expectations in just about every category. He is "on top of things" and active at the jobsite ensuring that the subs are well informed and coordinated. Dan has high integrity and aims to satisfy within very reasonable constraints. We were extremely impressed with Dan's problem-solving skills and "can do" attitude. The unplanned surprises that remodels run into were handled with ease and resolve. Dan also was very cooperative in managing the project to minimize disruption to our normal living pattern, as our family continued living in our home during the construction. Overall, Dan gave us good value for our investment. His project cost estimates were reasonably accurate and he clearly worked hard to manage the subs to the budget targets. One consideration in the mix may have been an overly optimistic schedule? Our project ran about 15% longer than we had anticipated; but considering variable winter and spring weather, subs scheduling, material availability and a few existing structural construction issues, that's pretty respectable performance. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with Dan again!

Mark and Cathy Wilson

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